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Shanying International Wins the Title of " Innovative Enterprise in the Paper Industry "

Published date:2019-10-23

In the golden autumn of October, the fruits
are numerous and the forests are dyed. In this harvest season, Shanying International
won the honorary title of “Innovative Enterprise in the Paper Industry”.
The selection of ” Innovative Enterprise in the Paper Industry ” is
organized by Organizing Committee of China International Papermaking innovation
and Development Forum, which set the selection criteria by declaration,
screening and preliminary examination, review, and the final selection process.
According to the enterprise’s situation, experts carry
on the evaluation fairly
and scientifically and finally determine the outstanding case enterprise in this
year and publish in 2019 China international paper industry innovation
development on the BBS.

This honor is just the starting point of
the international innovation of Shanying.
I hope that every Shanying people have the idea and strength
of innovation, work together, continue to work hard, and jointly lay the road
of innovation of Shanying International.